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over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give you their opinion an opponent after that. first though international news. thank you city and these are the headlines to see mya has been out from under it shot dead outside his time in pay rates. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any involvement. protesters refused to leave she as independents ladder onto the prime minister warned the opposition to stop asking making a difficult time. and then to make it to print the building faces hefty fines on anyone paying this tax to head to the senate and the next two. says israel will suffer the consequences for measuring a senior. c'mon get this wednesday. kason of lackey said patio weapons and explosives expect place to
's education program most sheltered place transportation and logistics hub. what part of the current plans as a transit country between moscow and brussels what book it makes me pee what security in the middle east. what how iraq in the contact group agreed upon you. the couple city's development. how will cost an arm looked like in the future what did you know which end to the family tree and read about it. let cool discuss the major events of the off week the little known figure and in the middle. just need today to help analyze the most important local and international news development. the full compels the to do. this fossil is the date of the first temple december thirst bit about some of the institute of the president of the stump was cited with the collapse of the soviet union. in december of nineteen ninety one as the wall which in amazement. the soviet union disintegrated in the fifteen separate countries. on the twenty four nineteen ninety a year before the solution if obama by four appointed as a present of kazakhstan. to the mall of all the events of that unit mr was telling
the assessment is done for short. i eagerly await in my education as an ensign on the was conducted by the oecd countries for years it takes a look at people from sixty five country. the latest report the first seven places in the rankings have gone to east asian nation the performers and jim stevens is better than last time plenty of room for improvement. schoolchildren have been studying higher than now. which when it comes to the science is not on treating. the top of the costs of stevens and sung high tying a tiny government doesn't release results for the whole country. gemini schools than in belgium but about vietnam. and last month's kit including ten these results have improved considerably since the last piece of the pool it was published in two thousand gemini school is selling ban came as a cell. the reading skills of fifteen year old was found to be well then add the global operates children for migrant and for a social backgrounds placenta be at a particular disadvantage the study treated to a series of educational conferences in gemini and one of the country's federal states intro
educational denies a sham and other trained specialists are paying their attention to ease the fact that kazakhstan is interested in here is a foreign countries. it suits them. thomas is growing. in sentencing. improvement in systems that are in place since i can say it enough experts noted that the present day realities require some permanent improvements in existing educational system every year of global economic integration and the changing of late the market both need highly qualified staff responding to european standards in this connection professional experience of more than teachers of both school and university is six pounds and becomes more diverse. this is why especially say that it requires foreign expertise presently with the support of the cars the minister of education. the countries implementing some programs aimed at providing advice training for teachers. one of such programs stipulates the course of study and the united kingdom as part of the cambridge university program. in this state allocates one point eight meaning team gear for every trainee and i would like
in front of the ministry of education to voice their opposition against a possible hike. protesters pointed out that education is not a commodity and that tuition hikes is equal to pay cut for parents . the students that go with them on the protesters who ran it in front of the ministry of education to express their opposition against tuition hikes apply to private universities in order to pay for education who had borrowed several hundred pounds in the nt dollars of student loan and had to wear to part time jobs the tuition hike would only make are buried and heavier and don't eat a student of college of journalism and communications of chasing university to join the protest. it was set at sixteen university was planning to increase its tuition fee by a thousand five hundred dollars which priests tends to ration the semester to fifty eight thousandand two dollars ten seconds since the income of his parents remained the same tuition hikes with equal to pay cut for his parents to the groups participating in the protest also criticized the government retaining higher education into commodit
about educational issues the gold out of the hong kong education zero them to condemn them into the debate over five thousand eight hundred students were studying hong kong but with the intention. the train to the club in two thousand total number stored in nearly thirty thousand. if you're sticking out. the twenty seven percent increase compared to the previous year the limited educational resources have been a more difficult for parents and school for the kit. here's what you can receive multiple mission letters. in alkaline about what it will get the entire night to get an application for the win gave birth to a top hong kong a few years ago. if you need to find a primary school for daughter. she committed fourteen application forms for primary school on top overall the project or applications. local resident and not having any remind her that she cannot go to hong kong. i mean who gets here she cried in desperation i got to play i think i like reading. you can the change i would never have given birth to my chair open hong kong. the cheaper cost of calm cool and bad edu
camacho rome herself works on projects under the bulgarian ministry of education to better integrate the roma children into schools. yet at other people voted them publicly about the reason for that is that they don't have the necessary education to get that out. only nine percent of roman and bulgaria has a secondary school education. while success stories but in the community that is mariana are motivating parents to place more importance on education the cost of schooling still leaves an unreachable for most in turn may resort to dig into dumpsters or stealing to get by. further fueling negative perceptions of the community well for now because the school bought the government doesn't do us money for them. it is tough moment. no summons a steal and we can hear the band many initiatives by the bulgarian government and the european union to better integrate the roma community into bulgarian society. however those programs haven't really done much in two thousand and five year called for a decade of roma inclusion doesn't intend to improve the socio economic status means that we lugg
of self knowledge that his government the education block done and put its departments all of four said they were not hopeful future of their families or princess silva also highlighted that even members of the living pm and provided the book the future of pockets on the lift its findings come at the time and focused on having me is one thing to say that pollution among one thousand and seven countries in the global corruption rankings. the trust of incidents in the snow to pull on one simple section and it's a puzzlement that even he admits on tuesday. it's fun at all to be declared the seventh most corrupt country totaled ninety seven into the small index last year. according to findings of the devotion of the massive corruption is on youtube of oil mafia fed the ducks motifs of those this caused me to be in the crippled by this as an opposition led to block its destination at nights but it popped. i demanded a standstill and seven putts on the dais as the one hundred and fifty one nine on the road may lead to meet located and to sixty on thursday. let's take that and wanted to use my
the novel by the evening. something to that that was posted on an education over the top end of the catholic media. the store was opened on the computers and smash it. science labs reports said. i never write about it often at least we had this to austin on monday it's been ages i mean by that time the campus of us and some spoons allegedly belonging to an al qaeda and eight. the best of from the university hostel in september he was in it. most of the seventeen soccer world cup in twenty seventeen the chief executives' committee which met in the business at the outside but about half as the vaunted that this gene is dominant and yet had the odd it was because of azerbaijan and south africa. it may be the biggest soccer thought of it it gets posted the president said dr said this was of enormous importance for the time to bond point two billion people in sporting political and geopolitical tabs. this is the site. this is book be a big weekend for i need to thank the chief executives' committee but keeping the cross hamas and bombed in depth the bikes who was presenting on the same woke up fr
and height as me being me and i had a nice business education and health facilities across the country but it doesn't keep the book is entitled to overtime and fifty injected into the gates so its activities by supporters of bnp. gemma activist groups and intrusive who looks like the guy cheated on. considering it. i need to. the temple. but inside hot sexy got to know he showed and headed out i'm sure there'd be notch would like these. so distance to the conviction commission offices in boulder damaging financial documents important piece of it toward a peace talks. opposition activists also damaging the charts but the nice treatment systems in diamond idea and women seek weeks disrupted train services on set of hoops but toward the goal. good enough to let the buddha said the staff of the way i've been colossal of august the muffled in the moment we receive a book of noah quartz security has been stepped up in the capital to complete the second adam and itchy border guards of skin folds from evoke doc its fullest cars buses and trucks just opened on the main roads what about al qaeda
and moving to the east yesterday. well leaders educators group said the objective of trying to please. tee hee. this year in addition subject we're working very hard to make progress was worth it worth it to the audi see no country will agree to a battery. this evening. all works gets the best possible agreement meant the substance to take sides. our congress. what interested me. it will be able to show the benefits of housekeeping. next job creation and growth. all of our states over congressional districts. you don't want to be. the history of one of a united nations development programme last day of regular report yesterday in handling this paula to buy give them direction by the united nations general assembly and sixty eight cents profession to become one of the fourteen new members that the human rights couple for the first time on the top of november nd. they the enemy government and relevant agencies. i did it compare to put a second cycle of the universal periodic review of the u p r moderation of the country's human rights situation in the end of last year according to diminish i
have a thing about it the combination of lack of high quality educational resources and pushy parent in beijing for the big standing on top of the school district some young women to look owning a house school district of the criteria for picking them to write typical data shows that the shabby thirty to forty year old apartment school district got one hundred on the web for square meter or more than one thousand five hundred us dollars per square foot. buying a ticket is worth a one bedroom apartment got that nine hundred thousand dollars. money can already purchased a house the school district in united state. welcome to my house for education america the dream of many chinese parent. china's rich people getting picky about where to buy the cost of america now he wanted to help cool down earlier this year. the story came out yummy chinese mother never stick point five million dollars to purchase the high end apartment in the upper side of manhattan she could be a part will be used for daughter would be hat your university or columbia university in the future. or when the real id ha
commemorates to read education of the temple in jerusalem during the revolt in one sixty five pc according to jewish belief there was only one to two flights per day. miraculously it lasted for eight. in this the blue a crime as it was good tonight star gaze is this an on pace to have been upset by it. let's encounter with the sun on thursday in the us space agency nasa released these images on the ice on disappearing behind the sun. but just failed to relax on the other side's leading scientists to believe that the two km wide some of the race and that bet the pot. the comets was the need to be for the hoffman billion years old and was discovered by a russian tennis get lost in the sun is out hoping they'll be able to study the danbury to learn more about the makeup of thinking of us its. eu summit with former soviet countries and lithuania on friday falling short of its goal of signing a partnership agreement with ukraine. president victor gemma corbett said he was unhappy with the terms and rejected the pact. eu leaders accused moscow of trying to secure ukraine's foreign policy reform.
it be tv that wall come to while but the prob and to present the different faces and educated at different places on taiwan. on the host prequel. have you heard of organization called taiwan model united nations development association. what are his functions. what kind of role and does he offered to the people in taiwan on today's program was delighted to have missed it don't honk least the founding president of the taiwan model un development association to share with us his experiences in pomona being the experiences in taiwan will come over to ikea for this. but consider that the team to probe and tell you what miller lot of people don't know what the title of model united nations development association. it's a new kit was a little bit on this background of functions and the pope and the office turned course. well like the name suggests. our main goal is to spread among the conditions the activity and the spirit behind this activity in taiwan. it started roughly i would say baby. paul glover twelve years ago when i was still in college and how well as a college freshman.
education up to high school student film for funding thanks to you. about sixty per cent of all high school students. for other reasons they knew well. see north korea. i do not want to be useful to do it in the future through education. in teaching school commitments t stands. you can't beat them he's trying to preach there are pros and acorn people more people. it is for a lesser of two wee ones. to make his team come the new plant in it to him. oh. in an eye. the us unemployment rate in november hit the lowest level in five years more jobs were created in the american labor market than expected investors around the world have been waiting for these figures to get cues about when the federal reserve code to scale down its massive bond buying program. u s labor department official said unemployment was seven percent in november. that's down zero point three percentage points from that over. employers added two under three thousand jobs in the non farm sector that's three thousand more than october. the us central bank is likely to take the numbers into account that their policy meeting in
campaigns focused on educating people about the infection has a cousin of mine whenever i hear that takes us a call saying we were scared of the illness several listed in the slightly worrying. but despite that i think people are too scared of it the tooth comb and is in the hat to go to the illness is dangerous. just like cancer at the pan african organization against the two world calls is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers a repeat in people of morocco are infected with hiv in for more died from aids related complications. auto parts is this little discussion about the risks the problem is that we don't have any education on the media doesn't cover it everyone is keeping quiet about dates. we refuse to tok about this being subjected to endless. or i is hoping to help change that. working with so called cheese coated the network for women with the lists. she hopes it will help people share their experiences so they can learn and be open about living with hiv. tennis courts and is now and sunday is when this league action where hanover managed to pick up three badly needed points wi
. the starters are atc vast improvements in its educational services before the fall of the top bunch who doesn't want only fifty thousands of white meat in children's court where tourists. this is international intervention the beginners recent two eight million including premium goes up. with five million children still out of school stuff from government is working hard to provide them i see the ducks this dish. for the doctrine of the job on top of it well it goes up you see. they all put it out though the idea that the chip. the central issue since it affected due to the digi and what not to know what yet. she does. the view that the decision but a television that that that is that the bottle last night and i embed it into these programs which include classics at least receive our biology and a beach in the short course code has been able to provide education to men and women up to forty five years of age for some of them score means that once in a lifetime opportunity. but the photo above. when she saw that it was. it would assess the pool but that is to equate it with you. well but then
's to one single child in the community he says councilman education is just as important. so much so that the school to return them after the war itself which showing where each child in the elite its home market with an empty circle triangle indicates a child who is now attending college. chasing up into the two families is responsibility of teachers like ms son of today she's going to talk to a man whose two daughters have been tearing up the cost. we went for a child from school equality now operate across the country. efforts to increase school enrolments are bearing fruit. latest figures show that nearly ninety percent of boys and all bush's many ngos are now concede the primary education in the eye ensuring children and the white variety of christian groups take their place and floss would always be more difficult. with the commitment of teachers parents and administrators alike. it's so cold that looks increasingly within reach. the intelligent use of local materials is very important when it comes to plead guilty. taiwanese insiders have started to apply to all sorts of local
the team meeting government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education she caught on a dt and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. a welsh know christ. you and meaning long woohoo. i eye. the key to the city is in berlin this is the journal. it can be with us. the story. gale force winds battering northern europe in the first one to store. goalies to amber shares in ukraine. most western foreign ministers meeting in kiev expressed support for the opposition this is rich in year to europe remain at record lows ecb chief sunday threatened to punish banks that don't pass it on to clients the it'll be your main account or if your store again for swings and wants to lead to the north this week canadians pay the founding forecasters are calling on the first major winter storm in northern germany ferries and trains have been canceled schools closed and residents are being asked to stay indoor. scotland and britain killing at least two people and the thing behind the creator of damage and destruction. ominous clouds covered the city of glasgow as wa
their families. it's not easy for roma children in the czech education system. according to much in every below but it's not just because their parents don't always look after them properly. it all she tells me the state must do more to promote integration. rachel tells me that recently check education authorities ask them to count the roma children. it's the will that mean it. if it down yet they want us to judge which children were roma and which were not on the basis of their physical appearance. why did you react and haven't heard anything since then. education authorities put the scheme on ice because of the criticism it received from many teachers. one year ago police said was to not go up and started the pilot project roma like elena by nova and carl someone for being trained a special police officers in an attempt to combat rising crime the city's ombudsman for minorities. pablo books of the lake. helped initiate the project. he believes there will be less friction at the crime rate among the roma falls. so what do we knew we wanted to use the hatred all of the roma police officers are
into chronically short of the long run. that could hit the board of education communication will travel. all he could be due to low capital. we are all committed to the polls he could also provide the labor force has improved and international competitiveness which on economic development. its economy like it like more high technology industries. modern service industries. i could on thursday. at that time. more tellingly report to reply the un to bet that you publicly commit to demand the time and all. he was a newborn babies. the major force in promoting innovation multiple industry. we are at the coffee helped increase to govern tax revenues and financial income the entire population structure the next ten years. the teen population too bright. you increase the government expenditures on medical care to impose security. the honor because of the faulty increase in new born population. when they get to work the weekend to be more tax revenue which is a government financial pressures. however there also some worried about the new ball. the article post on twenty percent of business herald said
services to the education to health care to measure due to rising income levels and the rapid expansion of the asian middle class according to the adb station development outlook twenty twelve update released today developing the service sector with people provide services rather than to school which will be the central theme of cases structural change in the coming years. good things in the world. also on the web and made the networks the north. it is. eye what's up. what's not the main studies are. usa today without all of troops as of monday the phone to see it. got a bunch and six litre see what the end of august on and find a list of books on presidential candidates announced. us national security adviser susan rice visit to kabul and has a meeting with the progress and taught at the side of the uncertainty over the future of us troops in the country. rice maker said it doesn't get on preston's best in class to sign a buy back agreement with the united states offered to send the awful on and dance and asked the security at airports. the meeting between home because audiences and w
at the time so deadly and the events that you actively reach out and outreach and education put them on as well as people while the kids and the ninety s that they haven't really thought about like the workshop. we had the first year that sense my workshop on the likely mentioned before people think about why they think of other you can get to it. terry and function of lights and we encourage them on by his lines as the creator he can and i kissed me and help in these light on a list along with the lead up to it. can they use like trying to distance of the building that goal is to break away of our pcs on the concept of the night and allow them to explore ok and talk about it the two workshops one of which is offered by new foundation is called dia. a liking to take it with chalk what's that you know all about you mentioned before that could be started. he actually began in japan yet so i'm there like a detective on programs was some good times didn't make a mean cocktail come back in nineteen ninety so the idea was to throw away the tax bucks home to see amy's all of the year on mor
no educational curriculum project only moved. i agree to school graduate especially low income families. the country's growing industry it's ok to cheat the court's conclusion the curricula upgraded i'm trying to teach. the message between companies and vocational schools are encouraged. students can be placed into the becoming full time employees. he then accompanied me to write an opportunity for students to practice with the internet school in a new working environment. the energy in the bb do some practice at school. here they do it in real work and practice what they learn. let's teach students the occasional school. employment placement of graduation. i don't know who he's shown continuing skills. like your leisure. i mumbled of the hat that makes it a good one. dion looks great on. to help me complaining that the claimant agreed. all about obama and the team meeting government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education she caught on a dt and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. a welsh know christ. you and meaning long woohoo. i eye. the key
campaigned actively against education in schools for example. many believe more referendums can now follow on issues such as abortion and the role of women. working through social networks campaign groups are seeking to put across their alternative agenda. well you know nobody leaves the dispute over values has only just begun. two weeks know she's been falling to the state of the internet she's a single parent mother was two children. it's seven am to enter sunday's just leaving preschool. i had to go be a bit trickier promotes a complete family all in a tough and doesn't reflect reality. divorce is common but there isn't adequate legislation and her leash and regulating divorce case it's nice to let us know what its name. two years partly as a result of church influence bob believes the war between the two camps could escalate the one side wants a secular open society one of the church and its supporters promote traditional values it becomes clear talking to people on the street at the same day as i had two children and four grandchildren. though the merits of family involves a mother an
who miss their way to school or simply didn't have access to secondary education the way to bounce back from this summer's that that is the job market with the digital springboard to take a look. that and it's tedious. in adults ages eighteen to twenty five come from deprived neighbourhoods aesthetic appearance. they don't have a diploma and has been an employee for quite awhile. herehey are given the chance to learn a new job during the whole year in a teaching tool industry. in a carnal man. i quit school after my junior year in high school. so i did not graduate can i struggled for four years. and then i worked in sales but then i got bored of them so i thought to myself it's time to find something that suits me. on top of it what's more he's young adults are hired by the association in pd about eight hundred and eighty euro zone month. in exchange their asked to design websites for commercial videos for companies. using computers is second nature to them as they were born in the digital era according to their supervisors all that's left to do is to pass on the known how one mor
of research and education. upon investigation published book that i get on debate. india is expected to visit the wedding she is on top of the mall to buy pink thing. i met up with the font for thinking that if the setup is called upon to that spot kick by cute cousin andifty. by that of what you've done overnight see's with local fight to get to see. although i saw this and just as i'm not the knife that is what the conflict ended. he said. and what the fight. but since this pic is me. it was fine in this credential in the indian auto parts sector and that in the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic say. and by the royal which the cultural society the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary guess he joined a firm hundred and sixty thousand bees that is the shame is that the will of god meanwhile it. to see the queen is the new reiki to visit at the da's. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase need tons in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a spe
to education. when the market and high fees for malta have opened up a promising market for fake surprise. some of the piece to come back here again if the market is rife with corruption. there were depicted are happening in your way to get surprised when the least expensive one billions in government attention to the import of actors well. probably won't change until more people aware year democrats are actually a lot. don't go with the to question today we're thinking about them pick organic food. they can. now time for a question today with aging and given that the issues affecting their lives. today we have people mistreat of their top pick organic food to people because of the current situation. i may not buy organic but because i don't know the difference between organic and non organic. in terms of the line to select the limelight. however the organic to me have a good quality. always focus on relevant news about his safety. betcha the vote labour that organic on to lead the studio. pentagon opening the chicken free from contamination. according to the content of the great equipment. tha
's belts. is it. which poetry is now making it to peace education for young people it's extraordinary it's extremely important test we enjoyed cents at the pieces and epithets. it's really worth supporting and its sin and then at the end of the rotary foundation the cost. i stitched. otway i keep the boys that fill the peace and comfort with it and i couldn't find any opportunity to build up on dates or skills like that place can come to get that chance going. and then set aside. all in. snelling and there's only so much i could do. on the concert tomorrow though the students and people young people were interested in making change a change for the better need to be hearing that this is an important than its chest. test. i was determined to do. we're hoping is that we can make a tangible contribution. the key to overcoming some of these problems. things will be an extremely good will from a tree. just in the coming as perceiving him to come to us this is my life my dedication working for peace locally nationally and internationally. this is just confirming something of interest. many man
of the hot line to me out it's money that went on about impeaching the floor blocking traffic educating students to fix it guy and smashed a commission piece of evidence and in a bid to stall in traffic with all that i had the money and a couple of god the god of the day the budget that said that body in front of him almost all of the north and all of which all. abbas last post were protesting students i am a kind of guy who'd but it didn't look for distorted so i missed it. i commute was deemed a pocket on the punjab government for not doing enough with its meant to stop the students copy of the gel aig and i made at bay and again and said that the place that i love you please the net in the morning evicted students from the univ of steve austin tensions have been running high in the campus events and some students allegedly belonging to him. it is understood fully enable steve austin in september. the unit was devised on the head then came the pivotal goal of the biggest day in the whole scoop on the job. missing you all about the deal will be gone on to the top of a deal to proceed i
with education and skills is rising. many people still believe a women's place is in her home. the rolls turkey so he enrolled in a focus on training course to get off work on top. this in new delhi with her parents and two brothers. when i offer you some killer on his monthly income one hundred pretty colors. the family family kits by. joshi want a job so she can contribute to the household budget. and her brothers schooling the situation is not easy he often meets with friends to stop job information they're also looking for permanent appointment. many physicians are temporary. it was nine. i even got chance to expand its place your day it was a new home and come check on your mind. always ensure she wants a stable income is to see how some training. she wanted to attend medical school. don't they. i want to be a content especially high tension judy's mother supports current orders ambition. she herself had no choice but to become a housewife. indeed it was inside the one juicy tidbit i couldn't of my generation i please have it tonight. also on the client the issue and it depends on your cli
and cheryl trying. the minister of education has published a white paper on personal training. according to the keeper is planning to invest forty billion nt dollars over the next three years to spell this one hundred non profit pre school the next five years and ten twenty four thousand om
's the popular movements around the world and educate people about it meant so much a a the as i know. in a small little moments you and conspiracy the music that was inspired by inspiring and awesome and other fees be remembered that today as he passed away on thursday evening show nothing very much. look at the internet's and thank you very much for sending us to stick to the prospect that last one is contrived. since i did. i can woohoo rule. all you. use. as you. going to shoot in the zone by it has received the chairman of the agency for combating economic and corruption crimes today in court on the issue to subiaco reported on the department's what progress for the past ten months this year according to the chairman financial police have initiated more than one thousand criminal cases against nine hundred perpetrators of corruption crimes one hundred and twenty of them are officials of the national and regional level. the agency is currently
the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realize the role of women. it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. as demand for fish continues to rise worldwide and ecological disaster is taking place in our oceans overfishing is causing the depletion of its fighters the seats of debt. now below the surface of the dark waters could be the solution the groundbreaking scientific technology down here allows fish to the drilling anywhere even thousands of mile
as the place. a stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over them being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what used to identify what was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when you empower them up thinking. and. i know you knew you when will you the us. and now i am not looking hard for me whole on the twenty two points
ups didn't expect that one and you just see what new steps camera will take the time education cooperation. this is the frisbee that that day the camera and tended and eighteen h on a uk business and that is the highest a double checked to see between the two countries. this here there are discussions on infrastructure to deal a new clean power corporation investment in the uk healthcare and others. all activities are expected to help to cut its trade and economic relations between the two countries. with some cctv edgy. the movie. combing the human beings and all. i will post soon. roper and explore. aunt trudy of time aunt cc welcome back to cctv means china has had success the last days. turn left or even approaching the moon found the speech on lives lost and saying southwest china is the fuss tiny tiny spacecraft to land on the set is of an extraterrestrial quality and fast i'm a row that will land on the moon in full with decades the mystery is a need to follow the success is the channel line and china two nations in two thousand and seven and two thousand and twenty pen
of manufacturing industries. i recall it all processing medicine education and technology transfer or discussed at a joint meeting of the business council the member item between the engineering union of context and in austria was signed at a meeting. listen to me mumble month. according to the spamalot of the graduates of elite universities will take part in internships and austria attn of equipment for processing of our poultry products in kazakhstan the equipment for manufacture of sausages day products cheeses and vegetable processing stung a little boy he put the book is supposed to be asked is that ideally industrialized the local snowfall and it looked so nice picture of us and the belief that weekend so buoyant kazakhstan the next meeting of the cause of austrian in a government commission in the business council will be held in austin. the money men might cause extent has opened concoction how the mighty men which includes the thirty meter flagpole in the relief composition is located in the central part of the city the new symbol is now one of the most important attractions concoction
hundred students at the university and one he claimed of topics including education exchange programs and the uk its visa policy later he is expected to hold meetings with the late on experience in shanghai to promote bilateral trade ties on monday county showed his support for the famous british brand gather land rover satisfactory. he later spoke at the uk chinese business and it's made clear his desire for a tiny eu deal catherine safin said he was the first european leader to champion said the deal had discussed the issue with other eu member states the deal would address the services little eye patients and better intellectual property rights protection. we allow cctv america has spoken to bruce's stokes the director of global economic package used at pew research center. still it has some analysis on the likelihood of an eu china trade deal and an outlook on tiny uk economic relations probably appealing to a base in britain we know incarcerated pew that the british are overwhelmingly supported free trade. eighty seven percent i bought the highest in the world. um there's a lot o
this time pt ppa music. give me some julie thank you for real education something that is of the two pink. and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area. i just get out of my system. i forced written on them and singing and entertainment. two on and on. and yes he may as well here are the navigation or teaching. sen constable park was being honored language you know he's east northeast of their own beat. notice in this country to the state and the cars to market. that he had bit like is the right field to hold a variety of costumes. oh and can then goes to women who would be today. well some of them has the torch and some of them had the opportunity to pursue the dream. well some of them now. four dishes and i can use it. my goal. her bow to the young shaman are the senior and he said. it just to continue the hard work and be brave and i made this face right before graham said. it just to show up on the war. the our father who is to have it. the deep other food authority behind him said. shea. you new wing will do little little little little headline news on and on australian aut
and the generations of the thesis research before we know for death the only cd also finds that our education system is fairer than most. we have significantly fewer noah tevez and many other countries. the performance are achieving students these is very good compared to countries is that which is a positive and on the other hand that comes from a higher achieving students a's and somewhat lower than we would like and especially for maths to use the gop's the show to precede domestic own indie dance performance. now i'm just a great use to be a dancer in science. our fifteen year old outperform their uk counterparts on all fronts. for instance significantly filling meeting not quite to the woodstock for his copy book but definitely a super one. and kelley or team news. six the news from. so it was fun i know. we check and one one one one one. i do the eye clearly . earlier. i mean the area i am. i do. i do the eye. i knew. the euro the eye the eye. i knew. i know the air. eye. ch . each as i thought what a joke the top story the cracking three am tuesday the third of december
want to share the power that the middle classes that the elite that the educated section. but that being frozen out they killed when an election which is why they're staging these protests. now as you set out to daddy truce has been declared said that thailand can join together and celebrate the king's eighty six the state tomorrow. but many people think that that period will be yours the negotiations behind the scenes to see if they convert to some kind of a deal the prime minister did not shed a lot has agreed to talks. why would she do this when when she has such a commanding position. well the truth is something has got to change. there are simply too many protest is to ignore. i'm no one doubts that unless they can come up with something. come the end of the trees on friday there will be a return to the big protests that may be a return to the violence and out something else the road that nobody wants to build on the thanks for joining us more though of course one of their bicycle culture will be in touch with you it will cause the next couple of days so temporary. e
courage he routinely thirty am education and more the committee stressed about we really didn't want to block them. for those interesting things people want to cause offence. marion same time i was kind of like a translation of the time and not on facebook so i passed the lips softly kind of thing to note the words never is it just like dear dear. every so often been the ideal if i feel just beneath the skin easily. i just went right for the second ahead of time who yet he did anyway thanks to nail him. you know if it's not up to ninety percent of facebook i think you'll do best if you are more out of no significance. to use the one points down on income that is. the first non college friend's mother not exactly fantastic but i do think there is an element of pants that i do readings o life. i think i think you know nobody wants to think that their cases heard fast there. we'll see you. i tried to think that because i suppose. it scares me a transfer. you know the next generation e mail you can pledge to send something in my ear the real highlight the new year to see so much of this
to reduce tension over beijing's new air defense good educations now. the zone covers airspace over a set of islands in the east china sea whose ownership is disputed. why am i to tokyo when he leads from the eu's demands to japan or subpoenas those times when the bombs few days time has come to find interest in line to american and japanese planes. the filling into the area spiking these detentions. signs pointing to buy teams meet in the chinese shoes and think man and our new baby into a tie. implied in the z concert a time of heightened tension between this and decides that the us and china have many shame to chatswood. biden said he appreciated the steaming style. you do. i am it occurs early on. after his meeting with the crew duties included as well. you know. do you work and in your future developing this relation both qualities are sorely needed. however there was a comment about the chinese japanese territorial dispute pits dominated recent news coverage. two decades time in japan. the findings in the east china sea the chinese decoration of a difference and as we got to the att
india. i got to see a show that demand is rising from below and business services for the education to health care to measure due to rising income levels and the rapid expansion of the asian legal costs. according to the itv station development outlook twenty twelve update released today developing the service sector with people provide services rather than to school which will be the central theme of cases structural change in the coming years. part of the things in the world. also on the web and made the networks the north the news on jillian. us secretary of state john kerry has landed interlude the salvage whatever is left of the israeli palestinian peace talks. sixteen palestinians and four israelis have been killed since the negotiations for starting back in july palestinian officials claim the two sides remain polarized on the main issues of borders security the status of jerusalem and refugees. israel accuses the palestinians that are hindering the progress of negotiations by failing to recognize
the sentiment said in that education jump up from the grind. the forest is he states that iam that it was not his intention in that news talk and if you are know to cause any further hurt to two great families. he then attempts to get some context to the comments he made. he has this white but his political opponents and then he comes to a phrase where he stays up costs should not be allowed to prevent the building of the peaks of the fair and harmonious future for all citizens that's more like the addams language of recent years that he has been so used to going very close to the line sometimes on the line rarity over the line. his opponents would say this statement this evening is not enough. like say there are some people are very close to him. who would be glad that his mate that but anatomical in belfast i slept. the jury has failed to reach a parenting tool to turn the birds come and post office manager accused of tampering with the learned turn up. fifty euro to happen rogers has denied allegations that he faced to sum up the chicken posted by going be to the medical bu
force's new media is allowed in. there's an education taskforce there's no wind energy task force the tax policy task force is physically organized a similar way that our congress is organized into committees not once legislation is passed out of these task forces to secure it with lawmakers back to their home states for the traffic passing through their respective state legislatures to become actual loss. so basically that's how it works it's this activity that threatens for christians who argue that this organization acts as a shadow government turning a corporatist legislation enforcing elected lawmakers to pledge allegiance to corporate interests rather than their own voters back home the members here say nothing nefarious is going on. i first came down like over a decade ago. when i was in the bush administration i've been privileged to work with alec. in the federal government i've been privileged to work with alec when i was back in texas the texas policy foundation leading the tenth amendment center. and i'm proud to stand without liked it. i will tell you this my advice
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